From study to completion

For over 20 years, C.TECH has been a partner to companies for the development and subcontracted production of their industrial and mechanical technical parts to drawings, with proven expertise in boiler making, metalwork, industrial locksmithing and mechanical welding.

A global solution

C.TECH’s added value lies in its ability to provide customers with global turnkey solutions, focusing on a high service rate, enhanced quality performance and competitive prices.
Co-design in collaboration with its customers’ design offices, manufacture, monitoring of manufacturing stages, quality control, lead times and logistics, assembly, integration, delivery and on-site assembly… As a responsible and demanding skills centre, C.TECH coordinates and controls all processes to offer its customers a complete design office service. The customer has a single, trusted contact.

Each stage is approached with the highest level of expertise, as C.TECH relies on approved processes and the qualified, multidisciplinary know-how of its international production sites.

Risk management and control

All C.TECH employees in France and abroad share a solid technical background, enabling them to respond with precision to all types of request, from small machined parts to sub-assemblies, frameworks and large metal structures used in engineering structures or the manufacture of mechanically-welded frames and chassis.

Available, flexible, responsive and backed by more than two decades of know-how and mastery of the risks inherent to the business, our teams have a single objective: to respond precisely to the different requirements of their customers and propose the most appropriate solutions.

Our expertise

Mechanical welding
Laser-Plasma-Oxy cutting
Paint and Treatments

Sectors of activity



A network of European experts

Since 2000, C.TECH has been federating trusted production sites in Europe and Turkey, selected for their complementary expertise, the quality of their services, their reliability and their values.

From design to production and on-site assembly, this efficient and qualified international operational structure enables us to offer optimised solutions, always delivered on time and in compliance with French requirements.

In addition to the guarantee of high-quality, competitively priced finished products, customers no longer have to multiply their suppliers. Their purchases are pooled with a single contact and they benefit from the security of working with a French company that is close to them and speaks the same language.


Mechanical welding, laser cutting, plasma, oxy-fuel, machining, bending, welding, punching, turning, milling, bending… C.Tech’s strength lies in its complementary industrial expertise.
The diversity and technical versatility of its partners and suppliers make C.TECH a reliable partner for companies operating in markets as diverse as :

  • automotive
  • railways
  • nuclear power
  • aeronautics
  • energy
  • Armaments
  • food processing
  • Airports
  • construction
  • materials handling
  • urban development
  • the agricultural sector
  • aerospace
  • offshore
  • naval

C.TECH works with a wide variety of materials, including steel, galvanised steel, corten steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and electro-galvanised (EZ) sheet metal.
Thanks to processes that have been tested and approved for over 20 years, C.TECH has been able to perfect its know-how to offer tailor-made solutions that best meet its customers’ requirements.


A commitment to “total quality

Quality is at the heart of our approach.
Quality of performance and service, rigorous control to meet different specifications, the desire to offer customised solutions, flexibility in our operations, respect for manufacturing and delivery deadlines, reliability… C.TECH is committed at every level. This ambition is reflected in the high level of satisfaction of our customers, with whom we share a relationship of trust and respect.

fabrication piece industrielle sur plans

ISO 9001:2015 certification
C.TECH is ISO 9001:2015

certified by AFNOR.
THE CERTIFICATION COVERS THE “SUPPLY AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT OF INDUSTRIAL AND MECHANICAL SOLUTIONS”. This certification motivates our teams to work ever harder on the continuous improvement of our work and services.

amélioration continue usinage

Certification des sites de production

Nos sites de production en Europe et en Turquie fabriquent suivant le standard EN1090-2 jusqu’à la classe d’exécution 3 sur acier/inox/alu.

Avec la certification ISO 3834, nous sommes en mesure de fournir : Cahier de soudage/QS/QMOS/DMOS (Qualification Soudeur – Qualification du Mode Opératoire de Soudure – Description du Mode Opératoire de Soudure).

usinage et mécanosoudure certifiée iso

Amélioration continue et responsabilité

Parce que nous considérons que l’origine du succès pour une entreprise repose sur ses objectifs et les valeurs qu’elle véhicule, nous nous inscrivons dans les diverses démarches d’améliorations continues tant sur les aspects qualité, sécurité, qu’environnementaux et sociaux.

amélioration continue usinage



The word “rhinoceros” comes from the Greek rhinos (nose) and keras (horn), because it has one or two horns on its nose, rather than on its forehead like other horned mammals. Raised towards the sky, the horn is a great protection and a symbol of power.
First depicted by Albrecht Dürer in 1515, the Indian rhinoceros has only one horn. In this realistic woodcut depiction, its skin is reminiscent of a suit of armour made from several pieces of metal that have been bent, folded, curved and then welded together.
Powerful and massive as steel, the rhinoceros is an animal that has always impressed man. A rare and endangered species, just like our welding and boilermaking skills.