From design to realization

Located in the heart of the Franche-Comté, home of the Microtechnology & Mechanical, C.Tech is the partner of companies for the development and production of their industrial technical parts.

Co-design, production, quality control, logistics and transport : each step is approached with the highest level of expertise.

Since ten years we have established an international network involving centers of expertise with complementary knowledges.


From design to production, this efficient operational structure allows us to offer optimized solutions, always delivered with respect of the deadlines.

Not only to get good quality products, always competitive in terms of price, customers who come to us, don’t need anymore to multiply suppliers. They mutualize their purchases with a single multidisciplinary interlocutor with the security of working with a French company.

All employees of C.TECH share a strong base of technical training in order to answer accurately to all types of requests, the small machined piece to complex steel subassemblies and large structures used in construction for instance.

Our teams work regularly with our clients’ design offices to offer them solutions that are better suitable to their specific needs.

Our expertise

Mechanical welding Laser-Plasma Oxy Cutting
Machining Painting and Treatments
Assembly Integration


Airport Industry Aerospace
Agricultural Food Industry
Naval Manutention
Construction Railway
Nuclear Automotive

C.TECH the solution by international expertise

From small machined piece to large steel structures used in construction, the international network established by C.TECH offers a full set of solutions for any kind of industrial project.

Co-design, production, quality control, logistics and time: each step is approached with the highest level of expertise.
C.TECH can offer different production site (machining, cutting, welding, laser cutting, folding, assembly, CNC or conventional)

With 7 centers of excellence in France, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia, Spain and Portugal


Total Quality Spirit

Quality of the productions and of the services, customized solutions, flexibility in response, on-time production and delivery, C.TECH is committed at all levels.

All our sites are classified ISO 9001 version 2000 or 2008 or 2015.

Each site also has special qualifications, for instance railway ISO 1585, our welders are qualified.

Possibility of WPS – WPQR – Welding Book / Raw material certificates  / Control report (surface, thermal, …) / …

We will meet all your quality requirements.

A comprehensive solution

In constant development and innovation, C.TECH may offer benefits completes gathering additional operations.

You have a single interlocutor.

ISO 9001 Certification

C.TECH is ISO 9001 : 2015 certificated. Check our cetification HERE.

About our emblem

Rhino, comes from the Latin name, rhinoceros, already attached to the Roman era. It literally means horn on the nose. This is an animal that has always impressed man by his terrifying and massive appearance.
The name of this animal in the Indian language is connected to the mythology of the Unicorn (uni horn). Pointing skywards, the horn is great protection and a symbol of power.
Its skin can make us think of armor that would be made up of several metal parts bent, folded, bent and welded.
The rhino is endangered as our profession welder.